Get your mind blown in Wipeout™ VR

We have been working hard to bring one of fastest and most intense racing game ever to PlayStation®VR! Experience all the content from WipEout Omega Collection, plus additional custom VR ships featuring an immersive cockpit view.


In order to achieve a comfortable VR experience we had to do some clever thinking and reinvent the way you play WipEout™. The new ships feature a stabilized cockpit that moves independently of the ship, ensuring that your perceived horizon stays level to the track surface, while the ship body rotates around you in a natural way. This also makes barrel rolls more comfortable. For the players with strong VR legs we’ve made sure that you can still race with a “locked” cockpit so you can feel every twist and turn. You can also race the classic way with a third person camera.

WipEout™ VR is a FREE update to WipEout™ Omega Collection.

WipEout™ Omega Collection

We worked together with Sony XDEV and Clever Beans to bring WipEout™ to PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®4 Pro last year. All tracks and ship were remastered with new textures, normal maps and displacement maps. On top of that we improved the lighting model to support HDR, as well as introduced motion blur rending for enhanced sense of speed.

Play the ultimate WipEout experience today featuring stunning 4K in 60fps!

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